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3 Ways You Can Avoid Accidents at Home

3 Ways You Can Avoid Accidents at Home

Safety should always be our top priority. We might have heard these lines or anything like this a million times but we never paid much attention to it. The same thing goes when we are talking about our senior’s well-being. We might have heard the doctor telling us repeatedly how we should make the house and the place friendly for them.

But what can we really do to prevent falls and injuries in our own house? As a trusted home care agency in California, Chajinel Home Care Services, only dreams to provide comfortable care as seniors age at home. We give our patients the options on what kind of care they want to receive. We give them more control over the care they receive.

Today, on the blog, we will discuss one of the common issues regarding home care. We often become apprehensive about having our senior loved ones at home because we never know what could happen to them. Well, to avoid any future accidents, we can make some changes in their homes and in the house just to help them live comfortably.

  1. Keep your electrical wirings in place

    One of the contributory factors of accidents is unkempt electrical wires and other things that are scattered on the floor. So if you have extension wires in your living rooms or you are just charging your phone anywhere, it might be best to keep them somewhere discreet to avoid them from slipping or getting tied up to these wires.

    Moreover, you also have to make sure that your electrical wirings and other appliances are in good condition. Fires and short circuits are possible in these cases.

  2. Handles on the walls can be very helpful

    As we grow older, we tend to lose our balance. When we walk, if we stumble on a stone or a slippery road, we could easily slip. Even if we are just roaming around the house, we could bump on a sofa and our knees would really hurt.

    To avoid such incidents, it would be good to place some handles on the common areas of the house. In this manner, it would be easier for our senior loved ones to go from one place to another. It can also help them with their balance as there is a sturdy handle that can be their guide.

  3. Store medicines properly

    Do not leave your medications out in the open. Although it is advantageous in a sense that we can all see our medicines and remember to take them on time, but it could also be hazardous as it can be within easy reach for children.

    As for the seniors, they might tend to take more dosage than what is required which could complicate their health. They might also interchange one for the other that could potentially make their condition worse.

For more tips on how to avoid accidents at home, ask our caregivers at Chajinel Home Care Services, a trusted name when it comes to elderly home care services. For details, call us today at 650-741-6107.

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