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4 Seemingly Small Things That Actually Matter to Seniors

Have you asked your grandpa or grandma what do they want for their birthday? More often than not, they will not demand something like a brand new car, the latest iPhone, or the trendiest pair of shoes. What you will most likely hear is them asking for your time and attention.

Many have said that once we grow older, we realize what the things that truly matter in life are. As we remain longer in this world, we face circumstances that will make us realize what we need as human beings. For at least six decades in this life, the baby boomers have more or less experienced it all.

In taking care of elderly patients, you will be surprised that what weighs more of them are the little things. What are these? Here are four concrete examples:

  1. Time

    It is understandable that due to work and other responsibilities, you almost have no time to spare for your senior citizen loved ones. However, never use your hectic schedule as your excuse in not meeting them. Always bear in mind that their time is running out. Make use of the remaining moments before it is too late.

  2. Attention

    When younger, most of us must have experienced the craving to acquire our parents or grandparents attention. But as we become adults, that sensation gradually died down. Right now, it is the ripe time to return the favor. Every opportunity you get, talk to them. And when you do, look them in the eye with intent. Make your loved one feel that you are there for them. Make them realize that they are not being abandoned.

  3. Affection

    At the age of sixty, experts have found that the risk for depression reaches its peak once again. If afflicted seniors are not properly followed up, they may suffer severe mental disorders and even commit suicide. To stray your loved one from this gruesome fate, let them have a constant supply of your love.

  4. There are several forms to express your feelings to an elderly. You can say it straight to them or through actions. No matter how subtle or direct your means may be, the most important thing is that it came from the heart.

  5. Affirmation

    Upon nearing the sunset of their lives, a lot of senior citizens feel purposeless and inutile. This is not true! Though their physical and mental faculties are no longer in tiptop condition, there are still things that they can do that they can be proud of. Guide them to new endeavors and be their cheerleader.

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