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6 Relevant Things You Might Not Know About Alzheimer’s Disease

6 Relevant Things You Might Not Know About Alzheimer’s Disease

For many, the common words associated with Alzheimer’s disease are “old age”, “crazy”, and “forgetful”. While the said words are not really far from the actual disease, Alzheimer’s is more than that. Unfortunately, a lot of people view this disease as a total hassle. But let us not forget, there is a person involved here. The patient needs your help.

This menace is not easy to deal with. It is demanding, not only physically, but economically too. Not to mention, it can drain you emotionally and psychologically as well. To best understand the disease, you have to learn more about it.

Allow Chajinel Home Care Services to provide you some juicy bits about Alzheimer’s disease that are worth knowing:

  • Alzheimer’s disease is dementia.

    It is right to say that AD is dementia but it is wrong to state that dementia is AD. This is because Alzheimer’s disease is one of the many kinds of dementia. Some of the other variations of the disease include Vascular dementia, Huntington’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

  • AD does not have a cure yet.

    Sadly, AD is incurable and unpreventable. Once it hits you, it will hit you hard. However, studies reflect that those with active mental lifestyle have lower chances of developing the condition. As for the medicines maintained by AD patients, most are mere depressants that help afflicted persons to calm down.

  • Women are more vulnerable.

    Numerous researchers have agreed that the female population higher probability of developing AD. While concrete reasons are still yet to be discovered, it has been seen that women’s brain tend to have more severe shrinkage rate than men. Factors like stress and natural chemical make-up are being considered as of the moment.

  • Heart complications can trigger AD.

    AD is a very interlinked condition. As seen by health experts, it can be triggered when the heart is in trouble too. Those with AD have significantly high blood pressure and cholesterol.

  • Old age does not automatically give you Alzheimer’s.

    While a lot of AD patients are elderly citizens, hitting seniority does not always result in developing the disease. Various grannies are still mentally sharp and active. The risk is only heightened. This is probably due to the weakened health of the brain.

  • Even young persons can develop AD.

    Nobody is safe from AD. One’s youth is not an impregnable defense. As recently discovered, some patients get AD as early as 27 years old. This is rare but not impossible.

According to the Mayan language, our name “Chajinel” means caregiver of the soul. This is no coincidence! Our kind of non-medical home care services is not only focused on the physical aspect; we also give high importance to our patients’ emotional well-being.

If you make us your home care agency in California, you can expect our caregivers to be adept, responsive, and most of all, compassionate. Each of our services is crafted from our hearts.

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