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A Few Reasons Why Seniors Should Get Vaccinated

A Few Reasons Why Seniors Should Get Vaccinated

Seniors and caregivers are two of the most at-risk group of people to get the flu. The quicker and simpler way to significantly reduce the chance you or your elderly loved one will get sick is to get a flu shot. Here’s what Chajinel Home Care Services thinks about why a flu shot is essential for seniors:

  • The flu is a serious health issue for seniors.
    Seniors are vulnerable to the flu because of a weaker immune system due to age, which is worsened by chronic illness. The flu can quickly develop into a severe disease among seniors and may even cause death. In fact, most flu-related hospitalization happens to people aged 65 and older. 
    Getting a flu shot is one way for providers of home care services in San Francisco, California to ensure seniors will be safe from chronic or serious illnesses related to the disease. 
  • Getting the flu shot will reduce their flu risk and severity.
    Although flu vaccines aren’t 100% effective, it is still worthwhile. Studies suggest that individuals who are vaccinated have a milder case of flu. Seniors who get the flu shot reduces their risk of being hospitalized because of flu by 50%. 
  • Protects seniors against deadly flu complications
    Pneumonia is a common and deadly complication of the flu. Hence, seniors should be protected against a much more severe form of pneumonia especially those engaged in elderly home care services. A pneumococcal vaccine is ideal for seniors age 65 and older, smokers, and those with diabetes or lung problems. 

As a home care agency in California, we understand the need for every senior to get protected from different serious illnesses. Hence, we highly encourage them to get vaccinated. 

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