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Aging: Does It Really Change Us?

Aging: Does It Really Change Us

As we grow old, we will notice evident changes in our body. From wrinkles to the weakening of our muscles. However, these noticeable changes could just be the tip of the iceberg. Inside our body, there could be drastic changes happening that we are not aware of. Perhaps our healthy cells are slowly degenerating. We might be feeling signs of hypertension but we just did not notice it.

Aging can come in different forms. It could start from subtle changes and it would work its way up from there. Being aware of the changes in our body can help us monitor any warning signs of possible diseases and age-related conditions. Being one of the Home Care Agency in California, Chajinel Home Care Services, can give you an overview of what to expect when we see changes in our body.

  • Metabolism slows down

    Our digestive system may not be as effective when we were in our younger days. We may have noticed how we can’t eliminate our waste regularly anymore or we feel bloated most of the time because of the food we eat. This happens because the part of our body that aids digestion slows down eventually. It may not be able to digest the food thoroughly and so more fats can be stored instead of being excreted.

    With this in mind, once we start noticing changes in our metabolism it would be best to change our eating habits. Perhaps we have to take more food rich in fiber and other nutrients for our body to receive proper nutrition despite aging.

  • Bone density decreases

    Do you notice how most adults tend to get tired easily after walking for a few minutes? Do you see some older people complaining about joint pain and arthritis? This is because as we age, our bone density also decreases. When this happens, bone loss and fracture can be rampant. If our bones function as much as before, we are more prone to loss of strength and flexibility.

    The secret to keeping our bones strong is through exercises. We need to do some brisk walk every now and then or do some dancing just to keep us moving and to avoid being too sedentary.

  • Problems with your visions

    Some people who age often have a hard time seeing things clearly. They may have a problem reading paragraphs in the newspaper while some may become far or near-sighted. Although this may not be surprising for many, we can still do something to avoid further problems with our eyesight.

    You may avoid exposing your eyes too much to radiation or you can eat food rich in Vitamin A and lutein to keep them healthy and protect your eyes from further damage.

What are the physical changes that you notice in your body? Tell us more about it at Chajinel Home Care Services, a provider of Non-Medical Home Care Services, serving the bay area in California. For details, you can check our website at or call us at 650-741-6107.

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