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Becoming Super Granny: 6 Things You Can Do to Manage Aging

Becoming Super Granny: 6 Things You Can Do to Manage Aging

Time to break the stereotypes of aging. Just because you are going beyond sixty does not mean that you can no longer enjoy life. Age is just a numerical figure that records how many years you have been alive. It is not an indicator of how long you have left and how much you can still do.

Time to be a super granny! You do not have to be a hero to be called “super”. All you need to do is to be grand in your own little ways. One of the best ways to do that is having a good and well-balanced overall health. Aging will soon be a factor that will no longer stop you from being awesome.

Senior citizens of the world, assemble! Chajinel Home Care Services prepared practical tips on how to manage aging:

  • Maintain a healthy weight.
    BMI or Body Mass Index is a globally recognized category of ideal weight depending on height, gender, and age. Try to look up to what weight you should ideally have. Once you do, maintain it. Obesity, needless to say, is a harbinger of high cholesterol, diabetes, heart complications, and other deadly health conditions.
  • Exercise properly.
    Other than losing weight, regular and proper exercise help your bones and muscles to stay firm and strong. Surprisingly, constant exercise boosts the body’s immunity from chronic pain.
  • Never skip a dose of your medication.
    A single missed pill can already draw death a step closer. Stick to your prescription and always follow your doctor’s orders.
  • Let loose every now and then.
    To avoid being consumed by life’s trials, learn to chill out. Being too stern will only tire you out in the long run. In addition to vitamins, proper rest and relaxation help the body rejuvenate.
  • Learn to forgive.
    If you have skirmishes in the past that you are still carrying in your heart, let them go. As much as possible, try to make amends. Holding grudges and ill feelings will only trap you from the inside. Soon, you will feel emotionally and psychologically suffocated.
  • Choose to be happy.
    Happiness is a choice, choose it. And when you do, you will feel lighter. As what they claim, laughter is the best medicine. Do not deprive yourself of it. Though there are times that you will feel down, try to feel happy afterward. Your body will respond according to how you carry your emotional and mental self.

As you face seniority, it is not likely that you will meet some complications along the way. Do not worry, you need not face all of them on your own. Chajinel Home Care Services can be by your side and help you out! We can tailor fit our services to suit your needs and preferences. We will improve our elderly home care services even more!

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