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Commonly Ignored Activities That Help Fight Depression (Part 1)

Commonly Ignored Activities That Help Fight Depression (Part 1)

Among the biggest dilemmas and dangers older adults face are loneliness and depression. But, it doesn’t mean there is nothing to do about it.

A home care agency in California like Chajinel Home Care Services is established to address these kinds of challenges during the advanced age.

Our care plan for this includes:

  • Increasing their social interaction.

    To alleviate the effects of geriatric depression, we encourage our clients to experience as much social interaction as possible through weekly senior citizen meets or participating in neighborhood clubs.

    Being with people of the same age may help older adults find security and confidence.

  • Introducing them to a new hobby.

    Just like the rest of us, when seniors enjoy something, they feel happy. To achieve this, we introduce our clients to activities they haven’t tried before. With the help of modern technology, the options can be limitless. There are tons of mind-stimulating virtual games that offer both entertainment and knowledge.

  • Making healthy diet a way of life.

    At an advanced age, the chemical composition of our body densely affects our mood and emotional well-being. This is why older adults should not be stuck with oatmeal and processed viands. It is important for them to follow a professionally recommended healthy diet.

These are just a few of the many factors that affect not only the physical health of older adults but also their psychological health. As a provider of home care services in San Francisco, California, we fully understand that as people age, there’s a higher tendency of getting more vulnerable to loneliness and depression, leading to unhappy and unhealthy aging in place. That is why we are confident that if you choose us to care for you, you and your loved ones can achieve a better, healthier quality of living.

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