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Ensure the Safety of Your Elderly Loved One

Ensure the Safety of Your Elderly Loved One

When people reach their golden years, their safety may not be as guaranteed as it was before. Their mental state might not be in good shape as the years go by. If you are the son or daughter of aging parents, their safety should be a priority, so do what you can to keep your loved ones safe with elderly home care services, as well as by following these simple tips.

  • Safety Bathroom Devices
    The bathroom can be the most dangerous room in your parents’ house. Slippery tubs and watery floors can lead to devastating falls. To prevent your parents from injuring themselves in the bathroom, provide them with safety devices. A mat, grab bar, and a chair or bench in the bathroom will stop your elderly loved ones from slipping in the tub. If they struggle with getting up from the toilet, get them a raised toilet seat with handles.
  • Proper Lighting
    The elderly may have a difficult time changing burnt out ceiling lights. Buying light bulbs, standing on a chair, and reaching up to make the switch with the bulbs could be a challenge for your mother or father.  A dark, poorly lit home could cause your elderly parents to bump into something and fall, so help them with maintaining proper lighting in their home.
  • Transportation
    We all value our independence. Being able to get ourselves to the places we need to go is something to be proud of. As your elderly loved ones get older though, they may not be in good enough shape to transport themselves around. Be aware of their driving skills. If their reflexes start to slow down or if they begin to drive dangerously, don’t let them get behind the wheel. They may not let go of their independence easily, but do what you have to do to keep your parents safe. Not only will you be ensuring the safety of your elderly loved ones, you will be protecting other drivers on the road, as well. If your parents need to go somewhere, provide them with a ride.
  • Memory

    Keep your elderly loved ones’ memory sharp. A good memory can prevent your older family members from getting lost or from forgetting to do important things, like taking their medications. You can help sharpen your aging parents’ brains by:

    • Encouraging them to learn something new
    • Spending time with them
    • Motivating them to work out every day

If you are looking for help with taking care of your elderly loved ones, contact Chajinel Home Care Services – a home care agency in California. Our caregivers will provide you with the assistance your family needs.

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