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Fall Prevention Tips to Promote Safety at Home

Fall Prevention Tips to Promote Safety at Home

Falling and slipping are the most common causes of injury at home, especially for the elderly. This is why one of the most common care services provided through home care is fall prevention which you could expect from home care services in San Francisco, California. Home care providers like Chajinel Home Care Services can help reduce the risk of falls at home for your loved ones and promote their health and wellness.

Here are a few fall prevention tips you could practice at home to promote better safety at home for your loved ones:

  • Make sure the hallways are free from clutter or obstructions.

    One of the biggest causes of falls at home is clutter in the walkways and hallways. Keeping them clear of any objects, clutter, or obstructions will help ensure that your loved ones have a clear path to walk around their home and not trip over any objects left on the floors. With services like our elderly home care services, home health aides will help with housekeeping to lower the risk of falls happening in the hallways.

  • Make sure there is adequate space between furniture to move around.

    When the furniture is spaced too close to each other it can make walking around more difficult. This increases the likelihood that your loved ones can trip or slip trying to maneuver around the furniture. A great way to help prevent falls at home is to make sure that there is adequate space between furniture to walk around.

  • Install handrails and grab rails around the home.

    Installing safety equipment in strategic locations in your home can drastically decrease the risk of falls at home. Great places to install these home safety equipment include the bathrooms, hallways, and stairs.

These are just a few ways you could improve safety at home and reduce the risk of falls. We are a home care agency in California that provide many beneficial care services including fall prevention.

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