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Health and Aging: You and Your Joints


The connection between the two bones is what we call a joint. Joints are essential to allow you to bend your knees and elbows, bend your back, turn your head to various directions, and wave/move your fingers. Our joints are cushioned by smooth tissue called cartilage, synovium, and the lubricant-acting substance called synovial fluid so bones will not rub together or to each other.

But, with an increase in age, injury, and carrying heavy weight comes then wear and tear our cartilage that may lead to damaging the joints. As your provider of home care services in San Francisco, California, Chajinel Home Care Service believes that the best way to care for our joints is to keep them and our ligaments, muscles, and our bones stable and strong. Here are some tips for healthy joints:

  • Keep your weight within a healthy range. Also, eating a healthy diet is good for your joints.
  • Exercise to help you lose extra pounds. Incorporate weight training exercises to build muscle surrounding ligaments.
  • Always use good posture to help you guard your hip joints and back.
  • Wear protective devices like knee pads, helmet, and elbow and wrist pads when performing high-risk activities.
  • Relieve joint swelling and pain using ice.

If you or your loved one may be having trouble achieving these joint health habits, you may seek help from a home care agency in California. We can assist you in making sure that your lifestyle follows doctor-recommended health routines.

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