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About Us

Elderly Home Care Services

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Chajinel Home Care Services is a home care agency serving San Francisco, San Mateo, and Alameda County, focusing not only on caring about patient’s health but also on emotional well-being.

The word “CHAJINEL” comes from our Ancient Mayan Culture and it means “Caregiver of the Soul”.

We are created with the intention of innovating the way home care services are given in our society. Our slogan “because health and well-being matters” explains in a few words the intentions of Chajinel. We have been committed to innovating and exceeding client’s expectations in the way the care of their loved one is managed. We truly believe that it is important to protect our physical being as much as our spiritual being. For that, Chajinel has the commitment of assuring well-trained, competitive, experienced, and certified staff for you. Moreover, we have the belief to work closely with our personnel to ensure the best service available for your loved ones. Whether it’s a part-time or a full-time need, our commitment to serving you remains the same. As part of our services and since we truly believe that the spiritual and emotional support makes a positive impact on our clients, we offer meditation, yoga, Pilates, and massage instructors directly to the comfort of your home. We believe in making a difference one patient at a time, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to have you aboard of this new adventure where we expect to innovate the way care is provided.

The founders of Chajinel have more than 20 years of experience in patient care. Throughout the years, we have seen how things have changed and how much the need of attention to detail, emotional ssupport, and real commitment have increased. That is why our Home Care Agency in California has the intention to innovate and remember that there is nothing in this life that can overcome the power of kindness and patience. We also guarantee to work closely with the family members of our patients in order to provide for them the best services available.

We present our clients with up to 3 different options of home care providers to choose the best fit. We consider that having a home care provider is a big decision, and it has to be someone that makes you feel comfortable and understood. All our staff members are licensed, certified, background checked, and drug tested.

Having a visit from a supervisor once a month is a very important task to make sure our caregivers are giving their best to our clients. We are also available 24/7 for any need or concern you have.

Our charting is set up electronically, which allows immediate access to patient information to the entire care team.

We work in the reinforcement of the family bond.

Maintaining our clients’ cognitive functions at their best is one of our goals. We consider that if a client can feel functional will definitely feel better, and it will have a huge impact in his life. We stimulate our patients through activities such as puzzles, scrabble, painting, and Uno game. This not only helps their memory but also their coordination.

Physical activities are known in completely changing our mood, boost our immune system, and production of endorphins – popularly called as the “hormone of the happiness”. Even if a patient is not able to leave home, we create an exercise routine to help our client maintain mobility and strength.

Because health and well-being matters to us, we complement our care with one hour of emotional care when a client signs for full-time services, 40 hours a week. The emotional care consists of yoga, Pilates, meditation, and/or massage directly to the comfort of our client’s residence. The emotional care is provided by one of our instructors of the available services. The benefits of all these disciplines are numerous. At Chajinel, we believe in the importance of maintaining our clients balance in order to better their lives. These services are also available upon request per an additional quote.

CHAJINEL is designed to provide high-quality home care. We have a 4 hours per day minimum care or 20 hours per week. We consider this consistency a necessity in order to make an impact in patient’s care and well-being. Our hourly rates differ from client to client since we create a special plan depending on your loved one’s needs.