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3 Ways You Can Avoid Accidents at Home

Safety should always be our top priority. We might have heard these lines or anything like this a million times but we never paid much attention to it. The same thing goes when we are talking about our senior’s well-being. We might have heard the doctor telling us repeatedly how we should make the house … Continue reading

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How can Your Diet Help You Stay Young?

No one wants to get older, but what if we knew a way to help you slow down the effects of aging? There is actually an effective method that can help you maintain your youth and independence. Believe it or not, but it is really as simple as having a healthy diet. Through our Non-Medical … Continue reading

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Improving Safety at Home for Senior Citizens

As we get older, conventional homes may no longer be as safe as they once were. Senior citizens require different safety measures at home. Chajinel Home Care Services is a Home Care Agency in California that can help make your home safe for senior citizens and for individuals with disabilities. Here are a few considerations … Continue reading

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