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Home Care Services in San Francisco, San Mateo, and Alameda

caregiver discussing about the medicines of the elderly woman
  • Hourly Care
    In order to make an impact in our patients and to assure you with the best service available in the market, our minimum hour care is 5 hours.
  • 24/7 Care
    Ensuring you with a staff that is awake and always available to provide the services required by your loved one. Every case is based on patient’s needs.
  • Alzheimer’s – Dementia Care
    Not only having personnel that is highly understanding of what dementia/Alzheimer’s are, but also actively engage with the client in order to make an impact in the level of anxiety, depression, aggression, cognitive abilities, or any other need that the patient under this condition presents. Training in the psychiatric or geriatric world for over 5 years has given the directors of Chajinel the opportunity to fully understand the special needs of patients with this condition and its many different forms of development.
  • Neurocognitive Disorder Care
    Being the major risk factor for the development of neurocognitive disorders, we consider it is extremely important to have a staff who fully understands all its possible symptoms and who has the opportunity to have close supervision in order to clarify their doubts.
  • Companionship-Emotional Care
    For Chajinel, companionship is more than someone by your side. It means someone engaging in activities with your loved ones. Activities that are carefully chosen to help your relatives to stay cognitively challenged and physically active at the best of their abilities.
  • Fall Risk Care
    Measuring patient’s fall risk level is something we really look into. We consider that this alone is an entire care section depending on how dependent a patient is.
  • Activities of Daily Living
    Any Non-medical Home Care Services from cooking their favorite food, making their bed, helping with their shower, and toileting, among others. Looking always to keep them as independent as possible.
  • Holistic Care
    At Chajinel, we believe in the power of the emotions and energy. That is why we also offer complementary holistic care in some cases, and it is always available for our clients under request. Anything from yoga, meditation, massages, Pilates, to mention some, we accommodate to patient needs and look forward to fulfilling any wishes they have to complement their care.
  • Medication Reminder
    Help our clients to maintain their medications on schedule to ensure the best outcome of their treatment.
  • Personnel Highly Supervised
    At Chajinel, WE BELIEVE IN SUPERVISION. Most Home Care Agencies just send their personnel to patient’s homes without follow up visits in order to ensure client’s satisfaction and right treatment course. On the other hand, at Chajinel, we send our personnel and we do our first visit within 48 hours. Subsequent visits are scheduled depending on each case, but we do at least one visit every 2 weeks.
  • Palliative Home Care
    Providing comfort, support, company, and emotional care due to chronic, long, and exhausting diseases is another aim of Chajinel Home Care Services as a Home Care Agency in California.

Are we the right fit?
Thank you for considering the team at Chajinel Home Care Services for your home care needs. We are the right fit if…

  • You are looking for Certified Home Care Providers.
  • You are looking for the tranquility of personnel who is background-checked before coming into your home.
  • You are looking for a home care provider who has been drug tested.
  • You are looking for Active CARE, meaning, people who engage with you and are not just present.
  • You are looking for help to stay as independent as possible, or help you to recover your independence after major surgeries or lesions.
  • You are looking for an agency that supervises home care providers constantly.
  • You are looking for the peace of mind of liability insurance.
  • You are looking for a company that is bonded and licensed by the state of California.
  • You are looking for the peace of mind of worker’s compensation.
  • You are looking for a company where someone answers the phone/text and visits you at home whenever you have doubts without charging you extra but because that is what CARE means.

If your answer yes to any of these, then we can help you! Call us at 650-741-6107 now!