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How to Make Your Home Friendly For Seniors

How to Make Your Home Friendly For Seniors

With the big demand for home care today, there are a number of modifications that we have to make. From adjusting our lifestyle to redesigning our homes. Our senior loved ones are more important than anything else and so we are more than willing to adjust everything just to give them the comfort they deserve.

When we talk about home care, it often involves having a personal caregiver and a fully equipped home just to make sure that the needs of our seniors are met. Chajinel Home Care Services, a trusted name in Home Care Agency in California, encourages caregivers and family members to be supportive and accommodating to their senior loved ones. This includes making some changes in their homes and in their daily activities.

Here are some ways to make your home friendly for seniors:

  • Clean the clutter

    If you are expecting your senior loved ones to come to your house and stay there indefinitely, you should clean-up. Perhaps, you can grab this chance to do a general cleaning just to do away with dust and other clutter that has been in the house for a long time now.

    We could throw away stuff that we do not need or let go of that broken cabinet that we have been keeping just in case we can still fix it. We also have to prepare a spare room for our loved ones where they can stay. Make sure the covers are clean and the room is sterilized.

  • Fix the bathroom

    Accidents often happen in the bathroom. Because the floor is slippery and some patients cannot withstand standing too much, we might attach some handles of a shower chair for them to be comfortable. We can also attach some mats on the floor to keep them from falling.

    These are the major things that we need to keep in mind because it can really be dangerous for our elderly.

  • Keep all medical supplies in one place

    Another key to organizing is to put all the medical stuff in one cabinet. You can store this in the room or in a kitchen cabinet where all the first aid items are found. In this manner, the caregiver and even the family will not have a hard time looking for it when the time comes.

    Moreover, it will also become relatively safer for us to keep them in one storage so as to avoid kids from reaching for it.

These are the basic de-cluttering ideas that we need to take note of. It is easy to do and it is very necessary for us to make these adjustments.

For more tips about taking care of your seniors at home, you can count on our Elderly Home Care Services at Chajinel Home Care Services to be your partner. For details, you can visit our website at or call us at 650-741-6107.

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