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Keep Your Brain Healthy

Keep Your Brain Healthy

Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that affects your memory, as well as how you behave and think. As you grow older, your risk of getting Alzheimer’s increases. Are you the son or daughter of an aging loved one? Help your elderly family members stay healthy by assisting them in keeping their brains in good shape.

  • Exercise
    An older body may find it more difficult to get physically active. With all of the aches and pains that plague their body, exercising might seem more dangerous than beneficial, but getting exercise will help your aging loved ones stay mentally healthy. Working out on a daily basis will improve blood flow to the brain and will improve your parents’ memory. Be there for them as they work out to prevent injuries.
  • Do Brain Exercises
    Your brain needs exercise to stay in good shape, just as your body needs exercise to stay in good shape. Your elderly loved ones need to stimulate their brain every day. They can get their mental workout by doing word searches or crossword puzzles. There are also many games and apps that they can play online, on their phone, iPad, etc. Spend time with your elderly loved ones and play mentally stimulating games with them. Not only will you be keeping them healthy, but you will also be reaping the benefits that brain exercises bring.
  • Stay Social
    Are your parents staying social? Do they communicate with their friends and spend time with other people often? It is important to stay socially active in order to keep your brain fit. You lower your chances of getting Alzheimer’s when you interact with other human beings. If your loved ones lack social interaction, spend time with them. Be the company that they need. If you don’t have the ability to spend time with your aging loved ones, take some time out of your day to talk to them on the phone or send them a message.
  • Learn
    It is never too late to learn something new. Encourage your mother or father to expand their horizons. Learning something new will help their brains. There are many hobbies and activities that your aging loved ones will enjoy. Motivate them to play an instrument, take a college course for fun, or learn a new recipe to cook. Something as simple as learning how to knit or crochet can greatly improve your parents’ mental state.
  • Symptoms
    Some symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include:

    • Being unable to do common household tasks
    • Having problems with writing or talking
    • Poor decision-making
    • The inability to retrace steps or remember things
    • Being confused with places and times

    If someone dear to you is showing any of these symptoms, take them to their doctor. The earlier that help is received, the better.

    At our home care agency in California, we know that taking care of your parent 24/7 is difficult. Our compassionate caregivers at Chajinel Home Care Services will provide you with the help that you need. Let us assist you in taking care of your elderly mother and father through non-medical home care services.

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