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What Is Palliative Care and How Can It Help You?

Palliative care has been an emerging type of specialized medical care for people with serious illnesses. Today, this type of care has commonly become an integral part of most cancer patients’ treatment. What exactly is it? And why do agencies providing elderly home care services have also started providing this type of care? Goal of … Continue reading

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A Few Ways to Help the Elderly Better Monitor Their Health

Monitoring the status of your health every day is important. Many people, including the elderly, do not know how to do this effectively. There are many things you could do at home to monitor your health. And if you need help, the home health aides from our home care services in San Francisco, California can … Continue reading

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A Few Surprising Benefits of 24/7 Care

Many services like our home care services in San Francisco, California provide hourly and 24/7 care. These services can be very effective at promoting the lives of the elderly and their families. From us here at Chajinel Home Care Services, here are a few of the surprising benefits of 24/7 care: Promotes peace of mind … Continue reading

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Grocery Shopping – What Safer Ways Seniors Need to Know

The natural course of aging may come with deterioration in efficiently and safely performing the day-to-day occupations at home and in the community. As we get older, we may face challenges that hinder us to perform these daily tasks alone. These challenges may include the inability to lift heavy objects, safely navigate the house and … Continue reading

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