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What Can You Do to Minimize Your Risk of Falling at an Advanced Age?

What Can You Do to Minimize Your Risk of Falling at an Advanced Age?

Falling can be a serious and dangerous risk for many senior citizens. Losing your balance is trivial when you are young but when you are older, it can lead to a fall and get hurt. A fall could lead to severe injuries. So what can you do to minimize your risk or the risk of a loved one from falling?

Here are a few methods that you might want to consider:

  • In-Home Care:
    One of the best ways to prevent falls is through the help of a home care agency in California such as Chajinel Home Care Services. Through our elderly home care services, we are able to help you in many ways at home. One of these ways is through fall prevention. To make sure you do not fall or hurt yourself, while getting around we can offer respectful mobility assistance, among an assortment of other personalized non-medical home care services.
  • Stretching:
    Stretching is another great way to reduce your risk of falling and even reduce your chance of injury in a fall. There are many forms of stretching you can try but all of them can have a beneficial impact on your balance, coordination, and agility. What stretching does is help improve your sense of balance, while loosening up your muscles and making them much more limber.
  • Exercise:
    Another method that can be used to prevent falls is exercise. Physical activities can provide exceptional benefits in many areas of your health. You will be stronger, more energetic, and eventually, it can help you improve your balance. Exercise is also a wonderful way to spend the time as it can help you feel younger and improve your moods.
  • Socks:
    Wearing non-slip socks is a great way to reduce your risk of falling. These are socks that will not only keep your feet warm but can provide you with extra grip. These socks are usually given to patients in hospitals. Ask your doctor if they can recommend socks or footwear that promotes better balance for you.
  • Rails:
    Installing rails throughout the house is one of the best things you can do to prevent fall prevention. This allows you or your elderly loved one to hold onto something as you traverse the property. Rails are especially important in the bathroom, where the floors can become slippery when wet.
  • Ramps:
    Eliminating stairs and replacing them with ramps is always a good idea. Stairs can be quite dangerous for senior citizens and can elevate the risk of falling.

Those are just a few of the many ways to help reduce your risk of falling. By relying on our in-home care services and trying some of your own physical exercises, it is possible to not only maintain your youth but to also improve your balance. Stay safe!

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