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Why Our Joints and Muscles Hurt as We Grow Older

Why Our Joints and Muscles Hurt as We Grow Older

Half of our problems when it comes to aging usually involve our bones and muscles. We often complain how our knee joints would hurt during the cold season. We often complain about how our feet become sore easily when we walk half a mile.

These are the things that are very evident as we age. Our bones and muscles are not as sturdy as before causing our movements to be limited. But these muscle pains that we feel are often the results of disuse. We think that if we reach fifty years old, we are not capable of doing exercises or walking around the city without feeling tired.

At Chajinel Home Care Services, a home care agency in California, we do not believe that seniors cannot keep up with the vibrancy of the youth. Instead, we believe that it is only a matter of having a caregiver with a good care plan that our patients can still be able to do what they want.

To give you a clearer understanding of our bones and muscles and how it is related to aging, read through the article to know more:

Why do we experience muscle and joint pain as we grow older?
Our joints and muscles are just like door hinges, they wear and tear. As our body ages, our muscles and joints age as well. Because we do not have enough nutrients like that of a 10-year-old kid, there is a possibility that we could experience muscle pains if we exert too much effort.

Some of the common problems that we encounter are osteoporosis and arthritis. All these conditions are directly related to aging and bones. Osteoporosis is often the result of the body’s lack of Vitamin D and calcium. As we grow old and as we live our busy lives, our body may not be getting the nutrients it needs. We may even forget to take calcium enriched food and barter it with a nearby fast food store. Lack of proper nutrition could hasten the weakening of our bones.

Arthritis, on the other hand, refers to the weakening of our joints. Our joints do not have enough nutrients that can lubricate it to function properly. This could sometimes result in having our bones rub against each other or the cartilage will wear off making it hard for us to stand or walk for a long time.

How do we fight off joint and muscle pain?
The best way to reduce the risk of having joint and muscle pain as we grow older is to eat foods rich in Vitamin D and perform exercises appropriate for your age. The secret is found in our lifestyle. If we are conscious of what we eat and what we do, there is a good chance then you can be as active and healthy just like everybody else.

Understand the science behind your muscle and joint points by consulting our caregivers at Chajinel Home Care Services, your partner in non-medical home care services.

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